Inform BK-Chef-Consulting of your needs in the contact form, and we will e-mail or call you and will issue a free pre-proposal

Pursuant to the pre-proposal, BK-Chef-Consulting may provide free onsite evaluation in Koh Samui. For onsite evaluation outside Koh Samui a per Diem fee + travel expenses will apply

BK-Chef-Consulting will submit detailed proposals and contracts for services only when there is clear evidence of the client's good faith and ability to pay for these services. In order to submit a detailed proposal, BK-Chef-Consulting requires a deposit of 7000 THB.

This deposit, covering the costs of producing the report/ proposal is non-refundable, but credited to your first invoice in full, should you accept the proposal and sign a contract. The entire fee for this will be credited to your account should you accept the contract. However, if no contract is signed, there will be no credit or refund.

BK-Chef-Consulting does not extend credit to its clients.

Because the services of BK-Chef-Consulting are provided verbally, by email or in writing and are intellectual property, they cannot be refunded or credited. Once you have received our consultant's services; opinions, information or replies are not subject to any satisfaction guaranty. We do not imply any warranty, guaranty or other surety of satisfaction with our services. We do assure that we will make every possible effort to ensure the success of our clients' projects.

Quotations are valid for only 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of submission to clients. Prices may vary from original when the quote expires.

The terms and conditions specified above are subject to change without notice and may be applied retroactively to any and all agreements unless otherwise specified in a written contract.

All prices are subject to 7% VAT

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