BK-Chef-Consulting-Catering & Cooking School specializes in:

  • Kitchen design: proper layout and equipment selection. Preventative maintenance schedules
  • Menu specializing, selection of dishes, design, proper pricing and implementation
  • Menu implementation: Standardize recipes, training of service and kitchen staff
  • Menu engineering, cross utilization of products
  • Service flow layout and training from cleaning to guest services
  • Vendor selections to find the products you need at prices that fit to your Companies budget
  • Receiving and inventory implementation; how to accept products and account for them
  • HACCP, sanitation; cleaning of facilities and safe food preparation
  • Computer systems setup or Chef’s manual system
  • Cost controls; know how to control your costs through purchasing, pricing and waste prevention
  • Job descriptions, employee manuals and operating procedures
  • Health and fire safety procedures and emergency planning
  • Quality assurance
  • Staff training, training of your staff to be efficient and professional
  • Training in basic Western and international food preparation skills
  • Training in advanced Western and international culinary skills
  • Inventory utilization and reduction
  • Organizing and planning of special function, Catering and execution from start to the end


Service Rate Notes
initial contact per telephone Free  
Onsite visit Free (within Koh Samui )
(Half day maximum)
Consulting pre-proposal Free  
Hourly rate
(lecture, Costing, food-tasting)
THB/ Hour
Minimum Four hours
Consulting written proposal 7000
Non refundable deposit
Per Diem rate
(consulting, catering and practical training)
THB/ Day
One day minimum
Travel + Housing Direct cost No Mark-up.
Full payment in advance for Air Travel

Cooking Course Sample

Butter Fried Snow Fish Presented On A Pail Of Butter Sauteed Squid Ink Spätzle And Sunchoke Cockt, Dill Cured Tasmanian Salmon On Sunflower Loaf D, Lemon Meringue Tart With Berry Compot


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